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Our vision is to help people know and experience God more intimately. Our mission is to is to encourage, equip and empower people to be with Jesus, be transformed in His likeness and be sent by Him to influence their world for God's glory.

The goal of our ministry is to glorify God and to finish the assignment that He has given to us and tell all people of the Word of the Lord Jesus and to reveal and display His nature and character to a watching world. Firstly, we write and publish material and resources about Revival which is the front burner of our hearts. Secondly, we help people to connect with God's purpose and agenda for their lives as intimacy with God is the foundation of the Connected Life material. Thirdly, we teach the Connected Life material at conferences and outreaches, retreats and cohorts around the globe. Fourthly, we find people in whose lives we can invest our time in by making disciple-makers who can make disciples who once again can make disciples in their known world as well.

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