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The Mother Design Vaal Triangle

We are working towards nothing less than heaven at home in every family around the world through training, mentoring and networking. We empower fathers and mothers around the world to bring heaven home through trainings, mentoring, and a global network of trainers and people like you who are passionate about eradicating the scourge of fatherlessness, starting at home.

The current research indicates that homes with positively involved fathers have a wide-ranging positive effect, from mental and emotion health to social engagement, productivity and even physical health. And because fatherlessness doesn't discriminate, neither do we. We are a global movement with an established record of positive transformation in countries around the world, and are open to partnerships with any faith-based, secular, corporate, non-profit, governmental, [insert your sector here] organisation that shares our passion for eradicating fatherlessness.TWNAF is a decentralised movement, which means that every country and individual shares ownership and leadership for the movement. We have international mentorship and accountability structures, but no global leadership hierarchy or central headquarters — each country develops their own coordination team and is responsible for building the movement in their country.

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