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Willie Mc Loud Blog

The blog aims to help readers to make sense of the current world

The purpose of this blog is to provide information and interpretations on a wide range of issues, enabling readers to make sense of our world (and even their own lives) in an honest, coherent and sophisticated manner. "S/he who seeks will find!" The essays (some written in Afrikaans) were written by the scientist, philosopher and author Dr Willie Mc Loud (PhD in Physics, MA in Philosophy, MBL) (and other authors) with the general reader in mind and engage with all sorts of interesting (and difficult) topics regarding science, philosophy, religion, the ancient Middle Eastern world, archaeology, eschatology and other topics, bringing it all together in one coherent worldview. The essays argue for a balanced Christian worldview - between the extremes of secular Christianity and simplistic interpretations - providing a fresh and original perspective that is not a mere repetition or rehearsal of the usual views.

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